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Education does not mean to create Book worms. It should teach you to stand with confidence, Express your best while you practice the very best.
If you need your kids to be the strongest pillars of future India by creating a mile stone through their successful and inspiring living, then welcome to Little Flower English Medium School. The true education is the harmonious development of the physical and the mental abilities of the individual and transforms the future of the child as a self reliant, ambitious, motivated individual who has the nest positive vibrations and the inbuilt ability to succeed.

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Teachers are those who make child knowledgeable and cultured. A Teacher is a beautiful gift given by god because god is creator of whole world and a teacher is creator of whole nation. A teacher is such an important creature in the life of student,who through his knowledge,patience and love gives a strong shape to student's whole life.

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I take this opportunity to congratulate the principal, all teaching and non teaching staffs, students and parents, for their strong commitment, service and responsibility that has made Little flower school, a beautiful place of learning todaY.


I am delighted that the school is launching its website. The purpose of the website in the school is to communicate about the happenings in the school to parents and to see deeper in to what is happening in the school where they send their child every day.


I appreciate the dedication and the selfless service of the teachers and wish them all, best of future, peace and prosperity for their contribution to the noble task of spreading education and its manifest qualities, aims and objectives.